Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Welcome to the Epicuria Blog

Welcome to the first posting for Epicuria Fine Foods. Let us begin by enumerating a few things.

The first being who we are and what we do.

We are a Fine Foods shop based out of New Edinburgh and have been around for just over 18 years. We offer ready-made meal solutions, house-made jams and chutneys, and have just recently developed a full-line of Frozen, Ready to Serve Meals. We prepare a multitude of offerings so that people, just like yourselves, have more time to do other things, such as spending time with their families, and not have to worry about the quality and freshness of the food you are serving them. Simply put; simple food, made easy.

The second thing I would like to explain is who I am. However, you will have to refer to my profile for this as Blogspot thought I was writing too much.


Enough about me, lets talk about this blog. Why, you ask, are we blogging our experiences and creating a “food chronicle”? Well, in an effort to better understand where the food we make is coming from, we decided to take it one step closer to our food supplies. We have started planting our own 625 square foot garden. We have planted everything from carrots and tomatoes, to herbs and beets.

We are trying to better understand the work involved in getting the food from farm to table. We already know half the battle; this is our opportunity to see the other.

By doing so, we hope to make these types of vegetable, mostly heirloom, more affordable as well as more accessible to our clientele.

Hopefully, our blog will serve as an educational tool to anyone with an interest in the food they eat and the path it takes to get to them. Along with Tracey Black, our Executive Chef and Co-Owner, I am hoping to help you to better understand your food, from beginning to end.

Expect posts every few days and updates whenever they are available.



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