Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gardening is not a rational act

“Gardening is not a rational act.” is a quote I found by Margaret Atwood. After last nights moving of 10 yards of topsoil; I agree. In 4 ½ hours we managed to move most of that about 100 or so feet and spread it all across the garden. Needless to say, I was a little stiff this morning and am dreading rolling out of bed tomorrow and being sore ALL over. The photo below is the original pile at about 3/4 gone.

I was lucky enough to be able to enlist JL for some help and have a Tracey’s husband pitch-in for a few hours. Thank goodness I didn’t have to do it all on my lonesome. We finished up at about 8:30pm and we were exhausted. I do have to admit that having the use of the mini-tractor was a great help!

All in all, we have most of it done now and have left a few piles on top of the garden to spread out once things have settled.

Next week is planting time! Oh, and, good news, spoke with Stuart and Terry at Bryson Farms and they will provide us with seeds for Heirloom Carrots! Talking to Stuart, I was assured that we had a long enough growing season to plant 2 sets of carrots so that our harvest lasts longer and the same for beets.

Now that the search is over we can re-focus our efforts on getting things into the ground and re-organizing the layout, as things have had to change, as they always do, once we broke into the ground.

Next week I plan on laying everything out, maybe make a few paths down the center, and I'll be planting seeds for carrots and beets.
As everything comes together, and the seedlings turn into real tomato plants, everything is becoming more and more exciting.

I’m away for the weekend but will keep you posted on how things are advancing very shortly. Also, Tracey should be putting up a post some time this week to tell you all about her weekend in New York City and our yearly participation in Bon Appetit ( Keep your eyes peeled!


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