Tuesday, July 29, 2008



The garden has exploded! It is so beautiful to see the life that can come from a few handfuls of seeds. Amazing.

Tomato plants are now tall and hardy, producing tiny green tomatoes, some ribbed, some staying small.

Beans and peas have just grown exponentially. In fact, I’m a little afraid of what I am going to walk into tonight when I go. I haven’t been since mid-week last week and even then it was huge.

We used some beets on a plate this weekend for a beautifully staged wedding of small plates. I have attached some photos, but none of which are of the beets unfortunately. They are still to come.

We also picked some crisp, fresh, young snap peas and tossed them into our Vegetable Mélange. What a beautiful vegetable!

I will post a few pictures of the Terroir Project tomato plant soon. It has taken well to our soil, and is growing in leaps and bounds. I can’t wait to sit down and do the tasting with Debbie.

I will keep it short and sweet for today but expect more soon.

Unfortunately, blogger isn't allowing me to post photos for some strange reason. Til next time!



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