Thursday, September 4, 2008

Harvest of Plenty

Finally the fruits of labour are bountiful!

I was in the garden yesterday after my much needed holiday to find a huge array of colours dispersed throughout the green of the plants!

See attached pictures...

I have brought in tons of tomatoes for us to cook with just in time to do a wedding for 150 on the weekend that requires most, if not all of what I picked yesterday!

We've been plenty busy over the last few weeks, things ramping up for a busy fall of corporate luncheons and private parties. We are all very excited about the coming season as it leaves us with plenty of local product and artisans to work with.

I will keep you all posted as more tomatoes come from our garden!


On another note, we have been re-developping our Green Menus and Green Weddings for our offerings and so far the response has been phenomenal. People are aching for this kind of service!

It's a good thing for a company that is more and more looking into greening as much of its offerings as possible.

Keep your eyes open, and if you're interested in Green Weddings or weddings in general, join us at Booth 402, Landsdowne Market this coming saturday where we will be for the Wedding Show! Promises to be a great time!

I'm off to clean up so that I may return to the kitchen next week (yes for those who didn't know, I was working in our office for the last 2 months). I am excited to get to work with food again! I have been focusing a lot on the business and booking end of things and am ready to go back out on the floor



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