Friday, June 20, 2008

The Transplant

A successful transplant if I do say so myself… well almost…

Last week (sorry for being so behind on my posts), we were able to transplant all 60 or so tomato plants to the garden as well as thin out some of those ever growing weeds. It was a hot day to do it all, but definitely worth the sweat. The only problem was that we lost about 10 or so plants… mostly the smaller ones, rest assured that what we have left is thriving!

Of all the seeds we started we have 7 different types. My plan is to be able to showcase them each individually as well as in a group through various recipes as they become available. So far we are just sitting and praying that we get a little sunshine to help them on their way.

On another note, the peas and beans are growing exponentially! I can’t keep up with them! I have put some bamboo skewers into the ground and run some string to help them come along. I’ll be in there tomorrow morning trimming and cleaning up! Hasn’t been a good week for weeding as it has rained every single day. Not that we didn’t get any done: Thanks Tracey!

I am not looking forward to all the mosquitoes that this rain will bring on. I'm off to Canadian Tire tonight to look for a netting to wear.

Over all, everything is looking very green, beet tops are up, and some itty bitty carrots as well. Soon enough well have a harvest of plenty!

Anyone have any suggestions for Organic fertilizing? I've looked everywhere and can only find Fish Emulsion. The debate is there... we shall see.


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