Tuesday, June 3, 2008

we have life...

Good day to everyone. I know it’s been over a week since I last posted, but to be honest, I haven’t seen the garden in about that much time either. It was an incredibly busy week last week at Epicuria and I found myself giving a hand wherever possible.

I decided that rain or shine, I was going out to Navan today. And, today, was a pretty gloomy and foggy day to be taking pictures, but I was delighted to find beautiful sprouts of life!

A few weeks ago we planted beets, peas, beans and carrots. Lo and behold, they are coming through. Everyone but the carrots that is. They are slow coming, but I have faith. Hope you do too. I'll let you guess what is what.

I dragged my brother-in-law out to take a few pictures so that they would do them(the sprouts) justice. I am always fascinated when I see sprouts start to emerge from the dark dank earth. All that life coming from such a little, rock hard, bean or seed. They slowly push their way through the dirt, little by little gaining more ground and getting more sunlight.

With all this hot weather we are getting (or bound to get soon) comes a slew of business in the catering department, and tons of people coming in on Thursdays and Fridays to purchase food for the Cottage. Our freezer section has been busier then ever and Isabelle, our Pastry Chef, along with her team, have been cranking out the beloved cookies. She even made an ice cream cone one this week! J

I received my copy of Ottawa Magazine this week and was DELIGHTED to hear about the up and coming restaurant shuffles, changes and additions for the city! I'm especially excited about the new addition to our neighbourhood, Fraser Café (http://www.frasercafe.ca/). Two brothers, both ex-Domus, have come together and formed a Seasonal Kitchen. I can't wait to find 10 minutes to go in and make a reservation! Check it out and frequent it often. Let me know what you think.

I’m going to cut this one short, but expect another entry by the end of the week.

Oh but before I go… Is anyone even reading these entries? I have yet to hear of one person through feedback. If anyone could just send me out a quick shout that would be fantastic .



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Anonymous said...

Great blog! Your gardening entries are inspiring. I'll make sure to check out Fraser's Cafe this coming Sunday with my fiancé!